Surprised My Dad with New Bike | Emotional Moments Of My Life

Hello Guys,
Nothing can payoff to a Father's sacrifices for his children, But I Just did a very small thing for him in return 😊.
I surprised my Dad with a gift for him and his reactions were just priceless, And I love my Dad for so many reasons, but what stands out the most in my heart is the way he has always believed in me, supported me, guided me, and loved me unconditionally. He has always encouraged me to just be me and to not suppress who I am for anyone and that is more than I could have ever asked for in a father. This Vlog is all about a lot of Emotion and a little comedy, I pray everyone's parents stay healthy and we should respect them through out the life💖. So if the video touched your Heart ❤️ Like, comment, and share with your friends and family. Thank you😘
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  1. Shehbaaz khan

    Shehbaaz khan

    Adaab dosto ye meri zindagi ka sab se emotional 😭 vlog hai alhudumdulillah 🥰 bohot khushi aur sukoon mila dosto dua o me yaad rakhiye

  2. Pritpal Singh

    Pritpal Singh

    Shehbaaz Miyaan, Loved the way you've gifted scooter to Uncle :) Aap aur aapke parivaar mein sabhi hamesha kaamyaab aur khush rahiye. God bless you :)

  3. Masood Ahmed Khan

    Masood Ahmed Khan

    The humility with which your father said 'bilkul in sha Allah' at

  4. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

    Best part of this vlog is Upbringing and manners of this family. No shirk No Biddat but only Love, Respect and Happiness. Allah aapko bohot kamyabi ataa kare Shehbaaz Bhai.

  5. shahbaz shaik

    shahbaz shaik

    Moment where ur dad hugs you was the best thing any child will probably waits for their entire life

  6. Sana Khan

    Sana Khan

    Proud of movement for every parents🥰



    I wish my father was alive today even I would love to give surprise like this 😭😭and about this vedio I would love to say It’s very emotional and motivating for them who have there parents alive to respect and love nd care them … thanks for vedio Noor bhai I’m ur huge fan

  8. Mustak Ahmed

    Mustak Ahmed

    Making parents happy is the best thing in the world ❤️. Allah keep them always happy❤️

  9. Āsifa Hussain

    Āsifa Hussain

    Huge love for your father from Pakistan 💚💚💜

  10. Adeel Masood

    Adeel Masood

    Allah Uncle ko sehat aur lambi zindagi dy..

  11. Danish Ullah

    Danish Ullah

    May Allah bless every parents with a son like you

  12. Mohammed Abu Muzaffer

    Mohammed Abu Muzaffer

    Being humble with parents is an act of worship. May Allah bless you. Aamin

  13. Abul kalam

    Abul kalam

    This is also a "Blessing of Allah" Mashallah

  14. Majid Ansari

    Majid Ansari

    My Father expired 2 years ago ... The expression of your father made me cry..... Allah ta'ala aapk waalidain ko salamat rakhe ...aabad rakhe...Aameen

  15. No Name

    No Name

    Most beautiful feeling when you hug your dad❤️🤗🥰



    Congratulations 🎉 for new bike!

  17. sam


    Bohot bohot mubarak bhai apku....Bohot khushi hui yeh video dekhke....hamara excitement apse zyada tha yeh video Dekhte waqt....👍🏻👍🏻

  18. Prathamesh Kulkarni

    Prathamesh Kulkarni

    Heartily congratulations bhai 💐💐💐. Love from Maharashtra🚩🚩🚩.

  19. Kishore Karamsi

    Kishore Karamsi

    Definitely looking at you I can say that you got a good father and taught you best morales and values in life that's what helping in your life to grow

  20. Kulsum Shaikh

    Kulsum Shaikh

    MASHALLAH best moments of life ❤️