Hoshiyaar Chand Hoshiyaar Pur Wala | Hindi Comedy | Shehbaaz Khan & Team

Hello Everyone!
We are back with a new character Hoshiyarchand, who is very cunning and tries to overcome any situation with his Sharp mind, The character is Inspired by one and only Mr. Khader Khan Sahab and no doubt he was a legendary Actor and this is a small tribute to him. If you guys loved this video, then like, comment, share with your Friends and Family. Hoshiyarchand will be back with different concepts again.
Shehbaaz Khan Entertainments Presents
Starring: Shehbaaz Khan, Hyder Khan, Hussain Raza, Sohail, Ibraheem, Aijaz Khan, Prince Taufeeq
Azam Bond, Salman, Mohd Rahmath
Written By: Shehbaaz Khan and Mohd Rahmath
Direction : Salman Shaik
Assistant Director : Amer Bin Sayeed
Edited by: Shehbaaz Khan
Production Designer : Mohd Ayaz
DOP : Ayan Khan
Casting and Costume By: Mohd rahmath, Amer Bin Sayeed
Executive Producer: Salman Shaik
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  1. Muzammil S Creation

    Muzammil S Creation

    9.40.... sirf ek chiz ko chod karrr 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂o kya hai bhai..... 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  2. Zeeshan Maqsood

    Zeeshan Maqsood

    It's amazing how shehbaaz has beautifully captured the mannerism and style of Late Kadar khan. Lovely skit! Kudos to the entire team✨

  3. Md. Rizwan Qureshi

    Md. Rizwan Qureshi

    After watching this I m sure someone from bollywood will definitely cast him to revive Kader Khan Sahab aura.

  4. Rabab Khan

    Rabab Khan

    Nice concept 👏👏

  5. behlah kawatwala

    behlah kawatwala

    superb mimicry of late actor ..legend kadar khan 👍🏻

  6. Kareem Abdul

    Kareem Abdul

    10/10 acting 💛

  7. Faizextremes


    Shehbaaz as always rocking, but shukur bhai nailed his character 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Alpeshbhai Parmar

    Alpeshbhai Parmar

    Kya khub kadar khan saab ki mimicry ki hai apne sir... Genius 👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘👍👍👌👌👌



    Incredible 👌👌such a amazing voice acting 😍😍

  10. Vijaya Raghavendra

    Vijaya Raghavendra

    Excellent New Version Zabardast hey Bhai and Ultimate Tribute Diya Apne ,

  11. Ahmed Sunasara

    Ahmed Sunasara

    Late kader khan sir

  12. Samuel Gadmoor

    Samuel Gadmoor

    Excellent mimicry of Kader Khan, I'm from Hyderabad n currently living in Visakhapatnam aapke comedy videos dekh kar hyd ki bahut yaad aathe bhai, Dil ko sukoon miltha, God bless you shehbaz bhai keep up the good work 🙏❤️

  13. Mohammed Afzal

    Mohammed Afzal

    we love you Khadar sir good acting Shehbaaz bhai 👌👌🔥🔥

  14. Mohammed Salman

    Mohammed Salman

    Khader Khan sab ki acting yaad dila di Shahbaz bhai aap ne 😀😃👏🏼

  15. Muhammed Abdul Haleem

    Muhammed Abdul Haleem

    Whenever I listen Mumbai local accent, jaggu dada immideately comes to mind.

  16. Mohammed Farooqui

    Mohammed Farooqui

    Perfect acting and mimicry of late khader khan. I enjoyed a lot. Continue to mimicry other bollywood actors. U r genius and talented shehbaz .

  17. Samma Hassan

    Samma Hassan

    Perfect mimicry 🙏👍

  18. Rafiya Sabahat

    Rafiya Sabahat

    Really fantastic comedy and concept 😊

  19. Aziz Abdul

    Aziz Abdul

    Truely Amazing 😂😂😂

  20. Azhar Ali EkNumber

    Azhar Ali EkNumber

    Shukur Bhai Great Acting 🔥🔥🔥🔥